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Here is a letter I wrote to Sergei, who is the instructor.  I suffered a concussion, and wrote Sergei to tell him what the doctor had to report:

Dear Sergei,

I had my eye doctor's appointment, today, and he was ready to have a heart attack when he saw how fast my brain rewrote itself.  He told me that most adults take 4-6 years to wear the prism glasses, but, because I was so active, that it would take 1-2 years.  Well, after 3 months of wearing the right prescription, I'm already halfway there, and he expects that I'll be done with the glasses by the 6 month mark! Even many kids take longer to heal!  Kids will usually heal 4-9 months.


I told him how much I dance, and he said, keep it up, it's working for you! I also play Lumosity, and do all the puzzles in the papers, but, I really think learning new dance steps all the time, and moving in a controlled, balanced, and energetic way, has given me this miraculous recovery time. Thank you for being such an inspiration, and for making it so much fun to come to class!  Love,  Jackie



November 12, 2014 by Bwoolfson in Belinda, Blog

Belinda Learns The Foxtrot

Major thanks to everyone over at Aquarius Ballroom Dance in Portland, Maine, especially Sergei! The first time I met Sergei he was wearing leopard print from head to toe, literally….he even had leopard spotted canvas sneakers on (not to mention an incredible white leather vest with enormous leather angel wings sewn on). My first thought upon meeting him was, YESSS, THIS IS AMAZZZZZING! Everyone at Aquarius Ballroom was awesome and the evening was full of laughs, dips, and fancy footwork. I think it’s fair to say everyone danced their faces off. Huzzah!



YELP Review: 5.0 star rating ••••• 5/21/2014, Nikki P. Freeport, ME

My fiancé and I decided for our first dance we wanted to do something different and unique. We researched a few studios in the Portland area and stumbled upon Aquarius Ballroom Dance Studio. I called and spoke with Sergei who was very energetic on the phone, unlike some of the people we spoke with at other studios. He was very easy to schedule an appointment with and we were in the studio within just a couple of days. We gave him the song for our first dance and right away he came up with a dance routine and began teaching us the moves. Sergei was very patient with both of us, seeing as we had very little experience under our belts. We scheduled lessons with him on a weekly basis with ease and each time we would review what we previously learned, as well as learn new moves. Sergei was very experienced and was always able to identify opportunities for us to improve our technique. Our big day is in just a couple of days and we are ready to blow away our guests with our dance skills, thanks to Sergei and Aquarius Ballroom Dance Studio.









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