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American Tango

The American Style Tango is a progressive moving along the line of dance using body movement. A staccato movement of the feet and flexed knees highlight the dramatic style of the Tango.



Kizomba is an evolution of the traditional semba dance of Angola. Kizomba dance evolved after the vogue of kizomba music. Since the 50’s, Angolan people used to dance semba. This tradition remained unchanged even when the group Kassav from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe came to perform zouk music in Angola in the 80’s. In the 90’s Angolan semba dancers started to adapt their steps according to the tempo and flavour of the Kizomba/zouk beats. Semba danced romantically to Kizomba music is the basis of the Kizomba dance. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)



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