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Your Bridal Dance


At Aquarius Ballroom Dance Studios we have helped hundreds of wedding couples learn to navigate the dance floor with confidence, beauty, and grace. We do our best to make your day even more special by helping you pick a dance that fits your personality and style, and that will look perfect with your favorite song.


We recommend that you start your lessons three to six months before your wedding date to allow you time to learn and practice steps, so they become automatic for you by the time your wedding day is here. The instruction that we provide will help you dance not only on your wedding day but at any event in the future. Starting early will also allow you time to learn without having to focus on last minute details that may arise as your wedding day approaches.


Your Father-Daughter Dance

For most brides, the Father-Daughter dance is a highly anticipated moment that will be remembered forever by the two of you, your family and friends. However, for many fathers, this can be an anxiety provoking experience as well as one of the life’s most cherished moments. At Aquarius Ballroom Dance Studios we do more than just teach your father the right dance moves, we help him gain the confidence he needs so that he can relax, feel comfortable dancing, and focus all of his attention and energy on you.


Your Mother-Son Dance

For the groom the Mother-Son dance is just as important. This is the perfect way to let your mother know that she is still a very special part of your life and your dance will be a gift that she will cherish forever.


Your Bridal Party

One of the most enjoyable and fun activities that you can do with your bridal party and your closest friends is to participate in ballroom dance lessons. This will give everyone another opportunity to spend some extra quality time together, learn to dance for the first time or brush up on his or her own footwork and have fun at the same time!  We teach private group classes for bridal parties and friends or your group can join one of our existing weekly Group classes. Call us at (207) 671-7644 for more details.


Visit our Portland Maine studio today, meet our amazing staff, and book yourself in for a 45 minute complimentary bridal dance lesson!

• From day one we will start preparing you for the most important day and dance of your life by customizing our teaching approach to meet your needs.

 • We will pick a dance to fit your favorite song or help you choose your song from our own wedding selections.

• We will teach you an elegant and fun dance that you can master in a relatively short time.

• We will help you gain poise and confidence that will carry you throughout the day!


If your son or daughter is getting ready for their Prom, this is the perfect time to introduce them to dance. We teach dance steps that are appropriate for high school students and provide instruction that will help them gain confidence and poise they need to feel like they are the stars of the night. Private and group lessons are available.


Learning to dance will benefit you throughout your life and provide you and your partner with another way to connect and remove stress from your lives!


Don’t miss out on our wedding program special! Call us at (207) 671-7644 with any questions or to make an appointment today.


If you took lessons with us, please send us your dance photos and videos for our Weddings & Proms page.


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